8 Week Strength Kickstart (1)

Momentum KickStart

Launching on the 17th of May, the Kickstarter is an 8-week strength training program led by coach Brooke a strength and conditioning coach with a passion & proven track record for getting people strong. Your coach will be on the gym floor with you, as well as checking in with you on a weekly basis as you are guided through a structured 8-week strength program. With a promise to not only get you stronger, and moving better, but also motivating you to push your limits and PB your squat, bench, and deadlift!

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Is your period your super power?

Any female who trains at a high level and especially if they are competing in elite sports, NEED to be tracking their periods, and if you are a female athlete who has lost their period all together, that is not normal and you need to go speak to your doctor about that asap.