Creating momentum

Action Creates Action

Are you still waiting for the perfect time to get started on that thing you have been planning on doing for the last 6 months? Getting fit, starting that side hustle, booking a holiday?

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Is your period your super power?

Any female who trains at a high level and especially if they are competing in elite sports, NEED to be tracking their periods, and if you are a female athlete who has lost their period all together, that is not normal and you need to go speak to your doctor about that asap.

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Do you need a little LSD in your life?

Whether you are starting out or need to step up to another level adding some LSD sessions in will help you build and improve upon your training base. Think of it as a pyramid, with LSD at the bottom & HIIT at the top. The bigger and wider you can build that base the higher you will be able to build the peak.