Helping everyday athletes improve MOVEment and BUILD the fitness & strength needed to PERFORM at their peak.


Our team of expert coaches will guide you through your program with a focus on movement quality and progressive overload. No fads, no gimmicks, just real training and real results.



Focus on building your capacity with structured strength and conditioning programs purposely designed to get you stronger, fitter and faster.


We train hard in the gym, so you can perform outside of it. On the field, court, track and on the job. Your training is designed to get you to perform at your peak when it counts.

Momentum Performance Training is a premium strength and conditioning gym located in the heart of Bay St, Port Melbourne.

Specialising in personal training and small group training. Our experienced coaches help provide driven athletes and individuals structured personal training programs customised to develop the strength and fitness required to dominate in weekend sports, undertake emergency services selection and thrive in day-to-day life.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, former athlete or are looking to challenge your capabilities. We know that busy athletes need time-efficient training programs that support the demands of their goals outside of the gym. The problem with most exercise facilities is they are more focused on making you feel the burn or how many calories you burn during a session, wasting your time with training that doesn't support your actual goals instead of focusing on actually building your performance.

We believe you should be able to individualse your training, at a gym with coaches who understand your goals, training restrictions, injuries, and busy lifestyle. Making the most of your training time.

This is why we have been able to help 100's of Port Melbourne based athletes to train smarter and build individualised personal training plans to support their unique health and performance goals.



individualised training plans

Personal Training

Join an individualised personal training option to work on specific goals with either 1:1 personal training or 1:4 semi-private personal training.
You will have access to your own program via our app & a coach to guide you through each session.

Strength and Conditioning

Small Group Training

The Momentum small group strength and conditioning program follows a structured 12 week training cycle where we gradually build up load and intensity. So can improve MOVEment, BUILD your capacity & reach peak PERFORMance.

Recovery Centre Port Melbounre


You train & play hard so you need to assist your body in the recovery process. Our wellness zone will help you get the most out of your training, with infrared sauna, Normatec recovery boots & stretch room.


I am a professional triathlete specialising in Half Ironman distance, racing primarily in the Asia Pacific region.

Typically I train upwards of 25 hours a week so load management and injury prevention are high on my priority list.

I have been working with Nathan since 2018. The work we have done together has helped me to become stronger and more efficient. I am able to generate faster speeds for lower rates of perceived exertion but most importantly I have not been injured since he started working with me. Nathan is flexible and dynamic, adjusting the sessions to meet the demands of my other sports, complementing rather than competing with my primary training.

Beyond this Nathan is one of the better humans you will come across. He is knowledgeable yet humble and has a sense of humour and personality that make turning up to training a pleasure rather than a chore.

I could not recommend Nathan and the team at Momentum Performance Training more highly.

Leigh A.

I have always been terrified of the gym, so scared that people would judge me. Momentum completely removed my fears, I absolutely love this place. I feel so welcomed, supported and like I am part of a team. I can tell that the trainers genuinely care about our progress and take time into creating long term programs. I am already so much stronger I love it.

Charlotte W.

Nathan and Momentum PT have helped me to reconnect with the enjoyment of training again. A great team, training space and culture. I recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing and make progress against their fitness goals.

Barry D.

There's no where like it! Momentum is ideal for anybody who wants quality training and a brilliantly supportive community. It doesn't matter if you're new to training or an old hat, the team at Momentum will guide you through programs suitable to your level whilst still challenging you to push your boundaries.

As someone who deals with chronic illness and recurring injuries, I always feel comfortable and supported, knowing I am in the experienced, knowledgeable and friendly hands of their fabulous trainers. I cannot recommend Momentum enough!

Katie P.

I've been training with Nathan and the team at Momentum PT since early 2019, since then I have rehabilitated many ongoing injuries from serving in the ADF and all aspects of my strength and conditioning are continually improving.

I have never come across a more knowledgeable team whose attention to detail and experience deliver not only a superior strength and conditioning program but also explain the method and purpose behind their programming.

By far the best gym I have ever trained at and I will proudly stand by and recommend them to everyone.

Rhys M.

I love training at Momentum. The whole team is so supportive, caring and knowledgeable. Without a doubt I leave feeling better than when I walked in… I’d rather drive across the city to train at Momentum than try one of the many gyms around the corner from home.

Emily M.

The team at Momentum are so friendly, approachable and professional. They make it their priority to get to know you & to talk through your goals and past injuries to design the right exercise program for you, depending on your long-term goals.
I am so thankful I was recommended to Momemtum, all the trainers are highly experienced in what they do. They helped me achieve my goal of recently running a 50K ultra-marathon trail run. I would highly recommend it.

Katie B

The individualised process at Momentum Performance Training starts the very first time you walk through our doors. 

Every new member will begin their training with a goal-setting & movement screening session.

This helps us to build out your action plan which will guide you in the right direction for the most suitable programs based on your needs and goals.

Lastly, the movement screening will help us to assess any underlying deficiencies from past injuries, your current lifestyle as well as preventing future issues by prescribing you with any necessary strength and mobility work to make sure you can keep your body functioning well. 

To book your goal setting & movement assessment session hit the button below so you can stop wasting your time with unstructured exercise that gets you nowhere and start training to become unstoppable today.