Don’t get caught in the quicksand.

Looking after your health and fitness can feel a little like this at times. You’re in a good routine, then all of a sudden life happens, you skip a few gym sessions, start ordering take away every night, and before you know it you’re out of routine and struggling to get back into the swing of fitness. 

What are the best shoes for training in the gym?

Using a flat sole shoe with a firm base provides a rock-solid foundation for lifting that can enhance stability, power, and even reduce the risk of injury. If you’re looking to take your lifting game to the next level, consider upgrading your gym shoes

Warming up for big lifts

Warm up sets are lighter, practice sets that you do prior to your working sets. This may include a set an empty barbell, as well as 1-3 additional sets working up towards your prescribed load or intensity for the exercise. These warm up sets should be done with intent, and the purpose of practising the movement, increasing motor patterning (technique), warming up your muscles and joints, as well as allowing you to ‘feel’ out how the body is feeling that day – what is sore, tight, feeling great or not so good.

Recovery Centre in Port Melbourne

Benefits of Infra-Red Sauna

At Momentum Performance Training we know how important training hard is to achieve those results you desire. And, we also know how important recovery is.

Our infra-red sauna is located just upstairs in our recovery area, and with consistent and appropriate use, it has a number of benefits, some you may not expect!


Strength Training for Runners – Part 2

Traditionally what we see with a lot of endurance athletes who are new to strength training is an inability to “connect” with the hamstrings and get them to fire during compound movements such as squats & deadlifts. So we like to incorporate some isometric hamstring work initially to help spend some time under tension where you can really engage, move around a little, focus, and find positions that will help to get the hamstrings to come to the party and support our larger movements. 

Strength Training For Runners

Strength Training For Runners – Part 1

Taking the time to strengthen your body will pay off big time in the long run, with not only proven benefits to increasing your resilience to injury, but studies have also frequently shown improvement to running efficiency through the implementation of a structured strength training plan.


Guide to returning to training following COVID-19 infection

As we begin to learn to live with Covid-19 and not have to deal with lock downs anymore, the likelihood of contracting COVID has increased, and while not ideal there will be some steps to take before making a full return to training/competition.

Obviously you will need to isolate for the prescribed time by your local government, miss training, games and stay at home until you are symptom free and ready to return to training.

As with any illness, it is imperative to give our bodies rest and time to recover, your immune system needs time to recover so you don’t want to cause extra undue stress on your body at this time, if possible gentle low intensity movement can be implemented.

After the initial infection you will need to take some time to build back into usual training. Particularly as with COVID-19, even once you are symptom free there seems to be a delay in regaining full respiratory function. So it may take a little more time before you are able to train/compete at your previous levels. So a gradually build back to your usual training load and intensity will required.

There are some guidelines you can follow for a gradual return to training post Covid-19 infection. These are based on the work done by Elliot et al. (2020). “Graduated return to play guidance following Covid-19 infection”. BJSM, Vol 54 No. 19 which you can see in the infographic on this page. It follows a minimum 6 days re introduction to training but each phase can also be lengthened out based in individual needs and response to increasing loads during training.

8 Week Strength Kickstart (1)

Momentum KickStart

Launching on the 17th of May, the Kickstarter is an 8-week strength training program led by coach Brooke a strength and conditioning coach with a passion & proven track record for getting people strong. Your coach will be on the gym floor with you, as well as checking in with you on a weekly basis as you are guided through a structured 8-week strength program. With a promise to not only get you stronger, and moving better, but also motivating you to push your limits and PB your squat, bench, and deadlift!

Kettlebell Training

The 1 Piece Home Gym Equipment For Every Budget.

Regardless of what type of training you generally enjoy, keeping moving while being confined to being in your home will be important for physical health & mental wellbeing. The aim needed be to break world records. But just moving with some purpose for at least 30 minutes a day. These are the best options I believe will suit different budgets and most fitness goals

Building resilience


Things have certainly changed a lot in a short space of time but as Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives. It is the most adaptable to change.” So it is, we must adapt and evolve.

fruit smoothie

The Ultimate Smoothie Guide

A quick and easy solution to kickstart your day and get some nutrients in on your way to work or the gym without spilling yogurt or coco pops all over your lap on the drive.


Be Resolute in 2020. A short guide on achieving your goals.

I used to think new years resolutions were a waste of time. I had the attitude that if you wanted to change something then there is no time like the present. There wasn’t a need to wait for a special day to get things started. If you wanted to do something, just go ahead and do it. Easy to say when you’re a 25 year old, living at home with little responsibilities and an amazing mother that would cook, clean his clothes and make his bed for him.

Port Melbourne Gym

10,000 Kicks

It can be easy to think that we are capable of doing everything, but in reality the more tasks that we add in, will just serve to dilute the quality of work that we get accomplished.

Strength and Conditioning

Teamwork makes the dreamwork

No matter who you are, or what your skill set. There is always a way you can contribute to a team. Every member has a role and in the right time and place there will always be a task that is up your alley and gives you your time to shine.

Creating momentum

Action Creates Action

Are you still waiting for the perfect time to get started on that thing you have been planning on doing for the last 6 months? Getting fit, starting that side hustle, booking a holiday?

individualised training plans

Is your period your super power?

Any female who trains at a high level and especially if they are competing in elite sports, NEED to be tracking their periods, and if you are a female athlete who has lost their period all together, that is not normal and you need to go speak to your doctor about that asap.

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Do you need a little LSD in your life?

Whether you are starting out or need to step up to another level adding some LSD sessions in will help you build and improve upon your training base. Think of it as a pyramid, with LSD at the bottom & HIIT at the top. The bigger and wider you can build that base the higher you will be able to build the peak.

Strength Training For Runners

Quick Q & A with Pro Triathlete Leigh Anderson

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of having one of our Momentum Sponsored athletes in pro triathlete Leigh Anderson take over our instagram for a day, following his day of training. Through out the day he opened up for some time Q & A from people who were following along