Training is only half of the process

Ensuring you recover from training and competition is essential to managing your long term performance. While quality sleep and great nutrition are major components of recovering well. There are a number of recovery hacks you can incorporate to amplify the results of your training, and recover faster between competitions.
Recovery Centre Port Melbounre

NormaTech Compression Boots.

If you are an athlete, our strength and conditioning coaches can help you achieve the peak in your sports performance through targeted and individually designed training programs. Each sports performance client needs to achieve specific and unique results so our programs are tailored to meet your individual sporting performance goals.


Infrared Sauna

Our group training programs are results driven while offering clients the variety that a group environment brings. If you want direction and motivation to increase your fitness, lose weight, gain strength or improve sports performance then one of our group fitness training programs will be perfectly matched to you.


MarcPro Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Our coaches’ expertise lies in personal training on every level from exercise and nutrition, to advice and progress monitoring. If you are searching for a specialist to help you achieve specific results then Momentum PT has what you need. Ensuring your personal training and nutrition plan is being achieved is essential to achieving your personal results.