Training is only half of the process

Ensuring you recover from training and competition is essential to managing your long term performance. While quality sleep and great nutrition are major components of recovering well. There are a number of recovery hacks you can incorporate to amplify the results of your training, and recover faster between competitions.
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NormaTech Compression Boots.

The NormaTech compression boots utilise dynamic compression to assist your body's natural muscle pump to help in the removal of fluid and metabolites that are often present in your muscles after training or competition. By enhancing this process you can help your body to recover faster and prepare for your next competition sooner.

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Infrared Sauna

There are numerous reported benefits of incorporating Infrared Sauna as part of a regular recovery & wellness routine. These range from increased blood circulation, improved heart health & immune function, reduction in muscular aches & pain, and improved sleep quality. There is also evidence to suggest benefits to physical performance from regular exposure to heat.


MarcPro Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

Active recovery involves light movement (easy swim, ride, jog, walk) to flush fresh blood & oxygen around the body. During an intense training phase adding extra volume to your program may not be practical, or time effective. EMS helps facilitate the same muscle contractions without increasing training volume, and also allows you to target specific muscle groups that may be more fatigued.