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“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
– Bruce Lee.

With the silly season all but over and done with, and as we start going about following through on the plans/goals that we set for ourselves. The quote above serves as a great reminder on how to go about working on your plans.

While there is nothing wrong with setting multiple goals, you do need to keep in mind that the more goals you have, there will be less time, energy and effort to devote to each one. The trick is to start narrow. Have 1, 2 or maybe 3 key goals you want to focus on.

It can be easy to think that we are capable of doing everything, but in reality the more tasks that we add in, will just serve to dilute the quality of work that we get accomplished.

The better you want to perform at anything, the narrower your focus needs to be – one kick, 10,000 times. That’s how you become an expert.

The alternative is trying to do everything, stopping for every new shiny object that comes into sight. Sure you will get to attempt lots of things. But you will likely be mediocre at them all – 10,000 kicks once.

Above all of this, the most important aspect of achieving your goals this year will be consistency. Accumulating your 10,000 kicks can be as simple as 28 kicks per day or as daunting as 833 once a month.

Small chunks, day in, day out.

Get Cracking!

Become an expert