Strength Training For Runners

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of having one of our Momentum Sponsored athletes in pro triathlete Leigh Anderson take over our instagram for a day, following his day of training. Throughout the day, he opened up for some time Q & A from people who were following along

Here are a few of the responses to the questions he received through out the day.

What is your favourite racing moment?
Placing 3rd overall at Ironman 70.3 Shanghai on the 24th of October this year (2019).

Do you do both pool and beach swims during training?
Mostly pool. I generally swim 20-25kms a week in the pool and then leading into races I’ll do a couple of open water swims to get used to the wetsuit and elements.

Take us through your pre training mobility routine (Check out the video to see how often Leigh does this.)
Rolling out feet on a piece of wood dowel, then a massage ball.
Groin Stretch
Massage ball in calf
Hamstring stretch with band
Massage ball across TFL & hip flexors
Hip flexor stretch
Roll back & lats on peanut
Active stretch groin / hip flexor
90/90 hip lift
Short lever side plank
Glute bridge with band
Quadruped extension-rotation
Its a fun time job trying to keep my body loose & moving.

How does your training regime change transitioning into competition.
Great question. Pre season is a lot of long slow endurance building hours. Next, we maintain volume and add intensity. Finally leading into races, the volume will drop, the intensity will increase and will get very race specific.

How many hours of sleep do you get each night and what do you do for recovery?
Sleep, diet and hydration are the staples of recovery and adaptation. You can train all you like but if you haven’t got the recovery fundamentals right you will never get the reward for effort. I try to 8 to 9 hours a night, if I go sub 7.5hrs the toys get thrown out of the pram pretty quickly.

If you could add/remove one race discipling what would it be?
Get rid of the swim!

Favourite post-race feast?
Chicken parma with a sticky date pudding chaser.