Pull ups

At the beginning of every new training block, we spend time catching up with our members and going over their goals. Reviewing the last 12 weeks and making plans for what is to come. 

When setting your goals the most important aspect of the plan is factoring in the habits that you will need to develop/maintain in order to get to where you want to be. 

If for example, your goal is to be able to complete 10 x pull-ups, we often see that being broken down into smaller chunks and look like:

Step 1 – Do 3 x Pull-ups in 6 weeks

Step 2 – Do 5 x Pull-ups in 9 weeks

Step 3 – Do 10 x Pull-ups in 12 weeks

Sure they are ’S.M.A.R.T’ but the problem is, it still leaves you with no f***ing clue on how to actually complete the first step. We need to cut through to a deeper layer and focus on some action steps around building the habits necessary to facilitate the changes needed to guide you toward the target. 

Which could look a little like;

Step 1 – Do 3 x strength sessions per week for 12 weeks (include 2 x upper body focused).

This will give you the minimum stimulus needed to start building the strength required to complete pull-ups. 

Step 2 – Track food intake & ensure you consume 2g/kg body weight of protein x 12 weeks 

Adequate protein is essential for building muscle & strength, tracking food intake can also be beneficial for body fat loss, making lifting your body weight easier. 

Step 3 – Average 8 hours of sleep x 12 weeks

Sleep is the magic pill for recovery, getting enough of it will allow your body to adapt, be ready to work harder in training and reduce the likelihood of injury so you can continue to be consistent in training.

There are just a few of the variables you can play with and there are many different ways to individualise this to your own goals, values, and lifestyle. 

But now we have a plan for taking action and being consistent that will get you closer to being able to hit your target. And we can review again in 12 weeks time. 

If you need a little extra guidance setting your goals, reach out to book a free goal-setting session with one of our coaches to get you on track.