individualised training plans

Over the last couple weeks while coaching some of our members through their programs a recurring theme has been popping up.

There are a lot of similarities between many of the movements we perform in the gym, while they may not always look all that similar, at the end of the day most if not all, will involve moving from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible.

And we know the most efficient path is just about always a straight line. 

We see it in the deadlift; lifting the bar from the floor up to your hips with the bar path following a straight line.

We see it on the ski erg; pulling the handles from up high, down to your thigh in a straight line.

We even see it when pushing the sled down the track. Straight lines

Your body wants to and needs to move in the most efficient way possible and that’s always gonna be in a straight line, the path of least resistance.

This is the same way we see our individualised programming. Sure, if followed consistently any old training program will eventually get you fitter & stronger, but all too often you see more of a shot gun approach. You’ll do a whole lot of everything and hope something works.

Working with one of our coaches to structure an individualised training plan that is tailored to you, your goals, and your lifestyle. It cuts through all of the wasted effort. And is the fasted way to achieve your health, fitness & performance goals.

It is getting from Point A to Point B in the straightest line possible.

If your ready to start walking that straight line.

Head to the contact page and enter your details to book in for a free 7 day performance pass and get the ball rolling.